Learning a foreign language is a long road, and the #1 PROBLEM with EXISTING language learning tools on the market today -

Most of what you learn is FORGOTTEN within days without constant reinforcement...

Legacy language training techniques ensure you FORGET on average 70% of what you learn. And unless you live in an environment where you can listen to and practice your language regularly, your comprehension gains will fade rapidly.

Language Leap introduces an entirely NEW and FASTER way to learn languages. Let your progress leap forward with Language Leap's Visual Language Organizer that automatically TRACKS everything you've learned for embedded repeatability - your listening and reading comprehension will progress INFINITELY faster than you ever thought was possible.

Add, Categorize and Review ANY digital media you use, from web based audio/visual podcasts, on-line textbooks and dictionaries to simple text files, Language Leap lets YOU control how you study!

Whether you are a full time language Student, a Foreign Language Instructor, or just learning on your own, Language Leap will ACCELERATE your learning comprehension to new levels!


ALL of your language learning resources in a single location

Even if you are just dabbling in learning a new language on your own,  from Podcasts to grammar and vocabulary lists, access all of your downloads, textbook audio files, vocabulary lists, homework, etc. in a single location.

Easy to Use Interface

Adding resources to Language Leap is as simple as dragging and dropping. Organize your study with intuitive right click menu options and quickly build Libraries of your most often used audio, image and support files.

Create Segments from audio sources

Language Leap's powerful Segment Creator allows you to create segments from your audio files.

No more rewinding and fast forwarding -  create segments of only the portions of audio you wish to study. In addition, set repeat counts, adjust the playback speed and focus on listening comprehension.

Use Windows Text To Speech Voices to Create 'Audio Flash Cards'

With Text to Speech, any installed language voice can be used to 'speak' vocabulary, sentence patterns, and even create your own audio files directly from the spoken words and sentences.

(Microsoft Windows supports hundreds of TTS voices and is constantly improving the quality...)

Spaced Repetition Reviews

Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) are a proven effective method for language study. Not only can you use SRS for simple vocabulary review, but also audio segment review. The SRS tracks your progress and reinforces memory recall based on your own material review.

Quickly Import Data from Other Sources

Use Language Leap to import ANKI Flashcard decks, other Language Leap Libraries and even customize ANY text file to import smoothly into your libraries.

Share your Libraries

Language Instructors can create fully exportable lessons with both audio and text for their students. And once a lesson is created, it is available for re-use over and over.

Students can also share their libraries with other students, .

Fully Customizable

Create your own templates for your libraries to include just the sources you wish to study. A Language Leap Library can be as simple as a few audio files from an audio CD, to a full fledged 'Textbook' covering an entire semester of study.



Language Leap organizes your language learning resources with a familiar tree and list view. Customize the tree in any configuration of 'viewer types' (audio files, vocabulary, web pages, images, etc.)